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Rehabilitation centre for physically and mentally challenged children

Physiotherapy can help manage pain, improve your walking, movement and balance and enable you to regain your strength and independence.

Physical Therapy

We are primarily focus on treating impairements and disability by enhancing mobility, functional ability with the help of NDT.

Occupational Therapy

We work with infants, toddlers and children; assist them along with their caregivers to build skills that enable them to participate...

Communication Therapy

URJA Child Disability Center welcomes students with learning disabilities, and is committed to respond appropriately and effectively to their learning needs.

Remedial tutorial

We hold expertise in providing specialized Rehabilitation Services that are meant for the well-being of the people with disabilities.

Our Mission

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About Urja Child

URJA CHILD DISABLITY CENTER was started in 2009 in Faridabad. We have been the first rehabilitation center for physically and mentally challenged children in Faridabad which is providing best services in pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, remedial tutoring and communication therapy all under one roof.

URJA cope with the functional development of children with disabilities.
URJA is the only center in Faridabad which has best equipments, latest technique of treatment having good number of patients improving on day to day basis.

About Our Doctor


Founded Urja child disability centre in 2009 in Faridabad and urja school for special needs children in 2016.

Having 11 years of experience in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.

Running a well equipped multidisciplinary clinic for special needs children in Faridabad.

Trained in various disciplines related to the field of pediatric rehabilitation ( neurodevelopmental therapy , occupational therapy,sensory integration therapy, special education)

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