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Toilet Training


Decide that the toilet, poop, and pee are great, wonderful things.

  • Create a “ potty dairy”.
  • Buy everything you need - potty seat.
  • Pick a date to start toilet training.
  • Verbally explain to your child what the toilet is all about.
  • Model using the toilet to your child.
  • Make going to the toilet a big event in your house.
  • Take the diapers off.
  • Ask your child to sit on the potty . Ask in variety of different ways.
  • Use your potty diary to know when to ask your child.
  • Ask them when they show interest in the potty , toilet or camper potty.
  • Ask them when they do a version of the potty dance.
  • Ask them when you see they are already peeing or pooping.
  • Weave the toilet into games you play with your child.
  • Celebrate every attempt your child makes toward using the toilet.