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URJA is the only center in Faridabad which has best equipments, latest technique of treatment having good number of patients improving on day to day basis.


  • To rehabilitate physically or mentally challenged children.
  • To make them independent as much as possible so that they can lead their life effectively, carry their ADL's (Activities of daily living) on their own.
  • To trained children by improving their behavioral skills so that they can easily merge in to society.
  • To develop skills so that they can easily get education at integrated or normal schools.
  • To enhance creativity and imaginative skills in them so that they can excel in any professional sphere.
  • To encourage communication skills so that they can easily socialize with in family or can become effective member of society.


  • A world without Urja.
  • At Urja, Our mission and values are to be the regional destination provider of rehabilitation to disabled children along with excellence in healthcare and education.