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Get solid in your new bedtime mindset. See the bigger picture for your child- that sleeping regularly through the night will be of great benefit to them. It will help them focus, connect, and learn new things.

  • Teach your child that bedtime is for sleeping , not for playing.
  • Leave your child ‘s room before they are actually asleep, thus creating the opportunity for them to learn to put themselves to sleep.
  • Create a bedtime routine and stick to the same timeframe and actions.
  • Explain to your child their new routine , and that if they call for you in the night you are here but will not be coming in and that you will see them in the morning.
  • Give your child their new bedtime buddy.
  • Check your child’s diet and make sure that they are not eating foods that will keep them up rather than helping them sleep.
  • Set the scene for bedtime an hour before. Only quiet, calm activities should be used during this time.
  • Take your child back immediately if they leave their bedroom.
  • Take your child back to their bed immediately if they come into your bed at night.
  • Let your child cry without going into their bedroom. It will help them be able to put themselves back to sleep with your assistance.