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URJA CHILD DISABLITY CENTER was started in 2009 in Faridabad. We have been the first rehabilitation center for physically and mentally challenged children in Faridabad which is providing best services in pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, remedial tutoring and communication therapy all under one roof.

URJA cope with the functional development of children with disabilities.

URJA is the only center in Faridabad which has best equipments, latest technique of treatment having good number of patients improving on day to day basis

Urja always a precursor in the current course of treatment in India with paediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, special education and communication therapy services treating neurological cases at every stage of child,s condition.

We also provide educational training for parents of special needs children.

We fabricate very good environment for staff as well as children coming for treatment at Urja.

We are group of experts devoted sincerely to help parents of special needs children in making child’s life better.

Urja has wide range of therapeutic equipment’s , aids, appliances, needed for special needs children.

Our strength is right assessment, practical goals, and appropriate treatment.

We provide lots of developmental therapy program e.g. ABA combined with OT and PECS targeting many areas of development and strategies as well etc.

We have a well equipped and organised school and teaching curriculum with all types of modification and adaptive equipment’s ( feeding, mobility, academics, pre-vocational).

"There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see
a person as more."


  • Well equipped, air conditioned therapy rooms.
  • Well designed area for sensory integration therapy and remedial tutoring.
  • Latest and huge variety of functional toys for developing cognition in children with disability in play way
  • Special area for group therapy.