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Jolly Phonics


Jolly Phonics

The jolly phonics programme is multisensory, active and specifically designed for young children.

With the Jolly phonics, the children are not just taught the alphabet sounds, but all the 42 main letter sounds and how they are written.

With this knowledge , they are taken through stages of blending sounds together to form words and then on to reading. At the same time the children are taught to write by listening for the sounds in spoken words and identifying the letters corresponding to those sounds called as segmenting.

The rate of introduction can be adjusted according to the child's abilities and understanding.

The Jolly phonics method of teaching was developed and tested over a period of time at Woods Like Primary School in Lowestoft England

The key advantages of Jolly phonics are that it teaches children to recognise all the main letter sounds early on , and that it shows them how to relate the sounds to the symbols, and so understand the alphabetic code used for reading and writing.

With Jolly phonics, children can be taught to read at a young age, even at a pre-school age

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