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Brain GYM


It was developed by Paul, which he named

Brain Gym Activities.

  • They are simple, brief task specific activities that require no special equipment and can be done once or several times a day in multiple set ups
  • Brain Gym movements, exercises or activities recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when learning to co-ordinate the eyes, ears, hands and whole body.
  • Brain Gym is the foundation program of the Education kinesiology system developed by Paul Dennison and consists of 26 movements and activities that enhance the physical skills of learning namely organisation , comprehension, logical thinking, focus and attitude and improve the physical , cognitive, spatial, listening skills, eye teaming, hand eye coordination and whole body flexibility.
  • This in turn brings about an improvement in the reading, writing, listening, math skills, comprehension, attention and concentration.
  • Brain gym integrates the left and right parts of the brain.

    Indications of Brain Gym

    • Poor concentration
    • Poor short and long term memory
    • Anger
    • Poor motor coordination
    • Poor coordination
    • Poor communication skills
    • Lack of energy