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Autism Spectrum Disorder


People with ASD often have below mentioned features:

  • Social problems that include difficulty in communication and initiating interaction with others.
  • Repetitive behaviors as well as limited interests in day to day activities.
  • Typical Symptoms are recognized in the first two years of life.
  • Symptoms that effects the individual’s potential to function socially, at school or work, or other spheres of life.
  • Some people are mildly impaired by their symptoms, while others are severely disabled.
  • Treatments and services can improve a person’s symptoms and ability to function.
  • Families with concerns should talk to their pediatrician about what they’ve observed and the possibility of ASD screening and start early intervention (sensory integration therapy, occupational therapy, PECS etc) as soon as possible. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) around 1 in 68 children has been identified with some form of ASD.