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Tantrum Rescue


Parent should check their comfort level when Child tantrums. Adopt one of the following beliefs to help you feel more comfortable :

  • My job is not to stop my child from using the tantrum, it is to show them that it is not an effective way to communicate.
  • It is ok if I do not understand why my child is crying. I am still a good parent. My comfort will help me help my child.
  • My role as a parent is not to make my child Happy in every situation, but to be a guide, helping them through life challenges.
Move very slow when Child tantrums.

Explain to your child that you do not understand their crying. It does not help you know what they want. Show and ask them to communicate in another way

  • use their words
  • Use their sounds
  • Look at the object they want
  • Let them take you by the hand and show you what they want.

Consider the following if they are using the tantrum to get something which parent do not want to give them:

  • Offer them an alternative
  • Explain to them that even their tantrum will not help them get what they want.
  • Be consistent using these techniques each time Child throws tantrums.
  • Create consistency- teach these techniques to all people who care for child.

Consider that not all crying is a tantrum:

  • use the following techniques if your child is in a physical distress:
  • Check your attitude.
  • Explain what is happening with their bodies.
  • Give them another way to communicate what hurts.
  • Be helpful
  • Give an alternative focus.
  • Take them to a quieter place in your house if they are over stimulated.
  • Give them control and be user- friendly by responding to their “ No’s” and “ Yes” if they are inflexible.